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For successful businesses seeking extraordinary results.
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For successful people seeking extraordinary results.
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• Are you a successful executive or professional?
• Are you unclear about your future path?
• Would you like to make your greatest contributions?
• Do you sometimes wonder why you don't feel joy despite your successes?

Now may be the time for you or your organization to join other successful corporate and professional
leaders who recognize coaching as key to the realization of their full potential and the enjoyment of
their passions in life.

Susan Ann Koenig, J.D. is a professional certified coach who empowers successful people to achieve
extraordinary results. Look now to see whether professional coaching is the support that you or your
team has been looking for.

- Coach Susan Koenig
success_simplified_downsized.jpgSusan Ann Koenig, JD is co-author of the book Success Simplified, with Stephen R. Covey.  Susan shares her knowledge and insight as an executive coach to leaders looking to make their greatest contribution.







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